Hey! Are you a Super Woman? Me neither!

My two kids and I live with chronic pain from hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Here is where I share all of our wacky adventures with a dash of wisdom and a shot of vodka. I don’t take myself too seriously, and you shouldn’t either! If you live with chronic illness, have kids, or believe that pain is best managed by laughter, then this is the place for you. I talk about health, being a good enough parent (no helicoptering allowed), my mad skills as a suburban survivalist, and anything else that is rattling around in my drug-addled brain (curse you, Topamax!) You can check out some of my previous ramblings below.

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Guest Post by Patrick Davis Culture: a property of society and bacteria. Both have rules and laws, much of them the same, dictated by environment, principles more brutal and draconian than we care to contemplate. Its subjects are born into a  setting cultivated for the growth of a select few organisms which benefit its current […]

I Have EDS: When Should I Get a Mobility Aid?

I got a great question from a reader: Question: “I have EDS: When should I get a mobility aid? I feel like it’s my ankles and feet that hurt so bad. I can almost not move after a day of walking. If I got a walker that I could use to sit whenever I need […]

How to be a Power Patient

Most chronically ill people don’t know how to be a power patient – it’s not instinctive, or it’s been beaten out of us from years of depressing results. For us, the experience of going to doctors for answers is usually the same: we stumble our way through our origin story, trying to piece together the […]